Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Disc Dye Information

All dyes start at $30 and for very custom and intricate work can go up to around $50+ We will work with you to create a design that fits your budget!

Most discs are completed within one week of completed payment if we have the discs in stock.

We can order specific discs from any brand for you and will have the disc completed, usually, within 1 week of receiving the disc!

All discs in premium plastic take dye well (Star, ESP, Fuzion, Z, Champion, Etc). Reach out to us to help as the disc choices can be overwhelming! This chart is a great resource to learn which plastics take dye the best.

Dye Acceptance Chart

All colors are able to be reproduced on white or very light colored discs. However, the color of the actual disc can limit the colors of dye possible on the disc.

For example, adding yellow dye to a blue disc will result in a green color on the disc. Or adding red to a green disc would create a brown color on the disc and so forth with different color combinations.

Black dye designs work well on any color disc and we recommend white or grey discs for multicolor dyes!

Anything you think of or want can be recreated on a disc. Most designs and logos are able to be reproduced almost exactly onto a disc. However, if you are wanting a picture recreated we will work with you to transform them into drawings that will be placed on a disc.

Please look through these examples of the transformation process! Have your pet, yourself, a friend, or loved one recreated on a disc for a one of a kind disc golf gift that will be sure to wow.

Unlike companies that print images on discs we use techniques and dyes that embed the color and designs into the plastic so the weight and feel of the disc remain completely unchanged and are PDGA legal for tournament use. This process also creates one of a kind discs that are always unique. No disc is perfect but all are beautiful!

We use a variety of different styles and methods to create custom art and designs on discs. The design work is done with Adobe Illustrator, inkscape and other tools.

The black dye stamps and designs are done with hot black dips. Colors are added with idye poly, worm dip, rit dyemore, and prochem depending on the effect we are going for. We also have experience with shaving cream beds, lotion beds, and glue beds.

We are constantly experimenting and trying new things so please reach out if there is something particular you would like that you haven’t seen before!