The Best Disc Golf Discs to Dye!

Best plastic to dye
Premium Plastic takes Dye The Best
  • Disc Golf Dyes and Stencils make the perfect gift for any player or enthusiast. Just try not to get them stuck in a tree. Use the links on this page to find a disc to dye or reach out to us to create the perfect disc golf creation for you or anyone else. Use this guide below to choose the best plastic to dye.
  • Best – Opaque Premium Plastics (Innova Star, Discraft ESP, Dynamic Discs Fuzion, Latitude 64 Gold Line, K1, etc.)
    • Overall best for dying, soak up the dye well and don’t fade or bleed too bad over time. Make the best gifts
  • Good -Translucent Plastic – Innova Champion, Discraft Elite Z, Dynamic Discs Lucid
    • Don’t soak up the dye as easily, but hold up the best over time with very little bleeding or fading. Look great with stencils.
  • Ok – Just above Base Plastics – Innova Pro, Discraft Elite X
    • Soak up dye quite well, but start bleeding sooner than premium plastics
  • No Go – Base Plastics – Innova DX, Discraft Pro D, Dynamic Discs Prime
    • Very difficult to get a deep color and fade and bleed within weeks. Not worth it, even with a stencil.

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