Stranger Things Disc Golf Disc


Perfect for a turnover shot into The Upside Down

High-quality digital art is added to our discs utilizing the DiscColor process. While it is a highly magical secretive process, there are a few things we can share.

The colors and design are embedded into the plastic below the surface layer of plastic. It is extremely durable. There is no added weight or texture and discs feel exactly the same.

PDGA Legal for tournament use. Feel free to get that tournament player a disc they can use.

Please allow 2 - 5 business days for shipping!

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Please note that each design and plastic is unique. Dyes may have minor imperfections.

F2 Discs: These are cosmetically flawed and may have discoloration or small defects in plastic that do not affect the flight or integrity of the disc. These discs may be marked with a penned "x" mark (usually less than a half-inch in size) in the middle of the disc by the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

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Disc and design are great but...

The disc is in great condition and the design on it is what was pictured exactly but it came with a pen mark right in the center on the face and makes it look a little bad