The Ultimate Guide to Disc Golf Disc Dyeing

The Simple Guide for Stencil Dyes Dye Tutorial

A step by step guide to creating one of a kind disc golf disc dyes.

Dyeing Steps (Total Time is less than 10 minutes)

  1. Remove the stamp from the disc with Nail Polish Remover (Acetone).
  2. TIP: White Star Line Discs are the best for dyeing, then Pro Line and then Champion. Dyeing a colored disc
    (e.g. blue dye on a red disc) may produce inconsistent results.
  3. Clean and Dry the disc.
  4. Carefully remove the stencil from the sheet using the clear masking tape. Start with a corner and gently
    pull the clear masking tape (with the stencil attached) off the sheet.
    TIP: GO SLOW! If any of the vinyl appears (or begins) to be left behind on the sheet, carefully roll the clear
    masking tape back onto the sheet, press down on the vinyl through the masking tape and then continue
    removing the clear masking tape.
  5. Place the DiscGolfSwag Stencil on the disc. Be sure to push down on all the edges and
    remove all bubbles that are near the artwork!!!
    TIP: Do not tuck the vinyl edges under the disc! Let the edges lay flat so that any excess dye runs off and
    away from the disc.
  6. In a cup, mix idye Poly black and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
    together. 2/3 Disc Golf Dye & 1/3 Alcohol. MIX WELL AND STIR CONTINUOUSLY DURING THE
    DYEING PROCESS (the dye and alcohol will try to seperate).
  7. With a fine paintbrush, paint the mixed solution on top of your disc. You don’t need much, but apply
    several/many coats. Approximately one coat every 20-30 seconds or so.
    TIP: For faster results, keep a paper towel handy and wipe and clear dye between coats. Repeat quickly
    and as needed.
  8. When you think the dye is dark enough; take the disc and fully submerge it in the bucket of cold water.
    Dunk it several times and use your hands/rag to wipe off the dye. (Or use running water)
    TIP: Wipe the disc gently and be sure to not scuff the vinyl – you may want to apply another coat of dye.
  9. Inspect the disc. If you want to deepen the color and/or add additional colors – completely dry the disc
    and repeat these steps.
    TIP: Be sure to press down on all the edges and bubbles before re-dyeing the disc.
  10. When your disc is finished – tear off the stencil and dry it. Tweezers are useful.
    TIP: It helps to use running HOT water when tearing off the vinyl… It not only loosens the vinyl BUT
    TIP: Clean the disc with dish soap and warm water to make sure all the dye has been removed from
    the surface of the disc and/or on any sticky adhesive left behind.
    TIP: If there is ‘sticky’ adhesive residue left behind on the disc; CAREFULLY rub it clean using isopropyl
    alcohol and soap & warm water.

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